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Permanent Makeup Dubai is available ! have a natural makeup always even while youre swimming and when you wake up in the mornings !

Beauty center of Banoo Hagighat is one of the biggest poles of skin and permanent makeup in Middle East, which serving by the best facilities and the most expert forces and with superior brands.


haghighat beauty micropigmentation

Regarding the increasing progress of sciences and also old methods of tattoo which were prevalent until some years ago, this has become obsolesced and it replaced by micro-pigmentation. Not only it is used considerably in the field of beauty but also in the medical fields. For example, in harelips or people who a part of their face is injured by accident, micro-pigmentation is the last stage of treatment which makes the pigment of that place and then making the same color with skin or lip will be performed. Eyebrow MICROPIGMENTATIONis one of the ten works of micro-pigmentation. It is a technique (the specialist in the field of micro) that pigmentation draws so tenuous lines under skin in a way that appears like eyebrow hairs and presents the eyebrows thick, such as the images: Consider that eyebrow MICROPIGMENTATION could be performed by old tattoo devices too, but it is not comparable with micro-pigmentation device at all. We will explain about the differences of micro and tattoo in detail.

Improving harelips

People who have problem in their lips by accidents or congenital. This problem could be hiding apparently so much, which could increase the self-confidence definitely.

Improving hollow checks

Neutralizing bruising of the lips by micro lip stick and lip line, which both are in the field of permanent makeup. There is always the possibility of fading 3 to 4 grades after the first work and it depends to the type of skin a lot.

Improving lip line without makeup

The official and employed persons in this case are so motivated because there is no need to try to make them companion and similar or taking care from being cleaned.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation

Eye liner Micropigmentation

Differences of Micropigmentation and traditional tattoo:


1- Eyebrow Micropigmentation is designed so tender and thin.
2- Micro-pigmentation has throwaway cartridges which do not lead lymph and blood to the device and prevent from transferring diseases.
3 - It is performed without pain and bleeding.
4 - It is not with swelling and inflammation and you can handle your daily works in the day of performing micro-pigmentation.
5 - It caused increasing of eyebrow.
6 - It will be cleaned easier that tattoo.
7 - Implanting its pigments is performed in a higher level of skin, so it does not injure skin.


1 - There is a structural and artificial style.
2 - There is possibility of transferring Aids and Hepatitis in this non-immune method, because the devoice might get smeared to the blood.
3 - There is an intense bleeding.
4 - There is intense swelling and inflammation.
5- It encumbers hair growing and disturbs the eyebrow.
6 - The possibility of cleaning that is low.
7- It is planted so deeply and might disturb the hypoderm layer.
Beauty center of Banoo Hagighat is one of the biggest poles of skin and permanent makeup in south of Iran (Shiraz), which serving by the best facilities and the most expert forces and with superior brands.
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The lines of services of this center

  • Micropigmentation specialized services
  • Therapy and remaking of damaged hair
  • European journals of coloring and streaking hair
  • Specialized wedding makeup
  • Nail Services
  • Specialized services of Skin


Miriam wanted her eyebrows to be more even and impressive and her eyes more defined. Miriam liked the shape of her lips a lot, but their color was quite pale. Her wish was to get a fresh and natural lip shade.


Miriam‘s eyebrows were given definition by creating hair strokes with a 1-micro, underlining the highest point of the bow. Color: “Toffee”. Her eyes appear very clear and open now, after a lash line enhancement with a 3-micro using the color “Black Beauty”. Miriam‘s amazing lips now have a well-defined contour and coloring with a 3-outline needle using the color “Tasty Nude”